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Continental Shutters

Continental shutters for the Eastbourne, Seaford, Newhaven, Peacehaven, Brighton, Lewes, Heathfield, Hailsham, Bexhill and Hastings East Sussex Areas.


The term "continental roller shutter" is used for the smaller, more compact light duty roller shutter utilising foam filled, or extruded aluminium slats. These shutters are noted for their slim profiles and small boxes. They have a high quality powder coat finish and are weather resistant and virtually maintenance free.

Shutters with the foam filled slats are produced in cream whilst those with the extruded aluminium slats can made in most standard colours.

Shutters are available to operate manually or electrically. Multiple electric shutters can be operated from one central keyswitch or remote control unit.


Shutters may be installed to operate either by hand or by use of an electric motor.

Although strong, this type of shutter is very light and as a result, manual operation is very easy.

The shutters may be operated manually by use of a spring loaded roller or by use of a geared winding handle. The latter being particularly useful where the height of the shutter box puts it beyond easy reach.

Where there are a large number of shutters on the same premises or where the shutters are of a large size, it is probably better to think in terms having shutters installed with electric motors for the sake of convenience.


Continental shutters are suitable for both, domestic and commercial sites.

They may be internally installed within the building, or externally installed on the outer wall. The choice would depend on site considerations. Installation is quick with the minimum of upset.

In the case of new buildings, it is possible to arrange from the outset that the shutters be built into the core of the brickwork. When this is required, it is normally specified by the architect and discussions would be held with him and the builder to achieve what the architect has in mind.