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Retractable grilles for the Eastbourne, Seaford, Newhaven, Peacehaven, Brighton, Lewes, Heathfield, Hailsham, Bexhill and Hastings East Sussex Areas.

Retractable Grilles.

The very popular Excalibur range of retractable grilles was developed in the United Kingdom and is manufactured here, to the highest standards, for the British commercial and domestic markets.

There are three grilles in this range, the Excalibur, the Balmoral and the Centurian, each designed to serve a specific purpose. Thousands of these grilles are installed every year to protect public and private premises.

All three grilles have 'hinge-up track' or 'removeable-track' facilities as options. The Excalibur and Balmoral grilles may be fitted with 'hinge aside' option if the width of the grille does not exceed 1200mm.

Excalibur Retractable Grille.

The Excalibur grille is a general purpose retractable grille which can be manufactured to a height of 3200mm. It is widely used in both commercial and domestic premises.

The grille has 16mm wide steel uprights and links with a robust extruded aluminium frame. It is a 'top-hung' grille, meaning that the retracting lattice runs on rollers within the top track, making operation almost effortless. The use of nylon rollers and bushes provides a smooth and virtually silent movement.
The pairs of uprights and links are bound together by a specially designed rivetting system which has been successfully tested to withstand a pullout force of 250kgs.

A standard 5 pin Euro-profile cylinder operates a multipoint locking system, securing the grille at two points on the lock jamb. Where the height of a grille is 850mm or below, a single point system is used. In both cases, the entire locking system is enclosed neatly within the grille frame.

The Balmoral Retractable Grille.

The Balmoral grille was designed to have even more strength to withstand an attack than the Excalibur.

The basic materials and the component parts of the Balmoral grille are the same as those of the Excalibur and so the Balmoral has similar slim clean lines, ease of movement and aesthetic appeal. The Balmoral grille derives its increased strength from having a different lattice configuration and additional rivet positions.

The Centurian Retractable Grille.

Occasionally, even the slim unobtrusive residual stacks of the Excalibur or Balmoral grilles are too wide to be suitable for certain applications. For this reason, we have developed the Centurian retractable grille. Like the Excalibur and the Balmoral, the Centurian is a 'top-hung' grille and is made up of similar materials and basic components.

The main difference,in this grille, is that there is saving of up to 150mm on the overall width of residual stacks.

This has been achieved, in part, by removing the lock styles and strike jambs which contain the lock parts in the Excalibur and Balmoral grilles.

The grille is locked by means of surface mounted locks placed on the inside surface of the lock styles.