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Roller Shutters

Roller shutters for the Eastbourne, Seaford, Newhaven, Peacehaven, Brighton, Lewes, Heathfield, Hailsham, Bexhill and Hastings East Sussex Areas.

General Roller Shutters

There are many types of roller shutters, manufactured in a wide variety of materials, in a large range of finishes. We will gladly advise you as to the type of roller shutter best suited to your premises.

The basic roller shutter is made from galvanised steel. This sort of shutter is simple, cheap and very effective. However, it is not the most visually attractive type of security and will not be suitable for all sites. Many councils will not give planning permission for the installation of external galvanised shutters in certain areas. When planning to put external roller shutters on any building, the requirements for planninig permission should first be checked.

Coloured roller shutters

Roller shutters need not be ugly. Most roller shutters are finished with a high quality powder coat which is very weather resistant and needs little maintenance. Careful colour matching or colour contrasting can make a dull, ordinary site, look quite interesting and attractive. Roller shutters can be manufactured in most colours, particularly if there is a RAL number available. Often, shutters can be painted in corporate colours, where this is desired. Carefully selected colours and types of shutter can enhance the appearance of a property rather than detract from it.


When roller shutters are required for the main fronts of shops or stores, it is often desirable that there is visibility through the shutter so that window shoppers can see the goods displayed. We can offer a number of attractive designs of shutter to achieve this visibility.

Some times a better aesthetic effect is achieved by installing the shutter inside the premises against the inner side of the glass. This would mean only the shutter curtain would be visible from outside of the building. An internal installation can often overcome problems being experienced over planning permission.
This type of installation is not suitable for all premises, but expert advice can be offered on this aspect.

Requested surveys will be completed promptly and the most suitable roller shutter recommended for each site.


Roller Shutters may be manually or electrically operated. The manually operated shutters in the Alligator range are installed with the latest sophisticated springing systems. This ensures that even large shutters can be lifted with the minimum of effort.
Electrically operated shutters provide effortless security. Large areas can be covered with just one shutter. Curtains can be operated with just the touch of a switch, either fitted on the shutter or in a hand held remote control. Group controls and relays can operate multiple installations at the same time.